Yarnbombing 2023 – Join the fun

Our theme for this year is “Wild Women”

Open invitation to all Yarnbombers! Would you like to yarnbomb a tree at Knitfest this year?

Last year, many of you will know that we had 7 yrs of decorations stolen when we yarnbombed the Queen St Mall as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival. We haven’t yet recovered the decorations which means we don’t have enough to do the fantastic job we usually do in our main street of Maleny. In light of this fact, we decided to open the yarnbombing to the public so we’re calling all yarnbombers!

Our theme this year is “Wild Women” but you don’t have to keep to the theme. Just have fun with it.

We still have to get permits for all locations but if you and your friends would like to have some fun this year, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to register.


Click on images to enlarge

Remember to specify which tree you would like to decorate.

Trees with names beside them are already taken.



Tree 1 – Sculpture
DSCF1843DSCF1851  Decorated by 


Tree 2  – Roundabout
Decorated by


Tree 3 – Library Park
DSCF1844   Decorated by Carole and Beryl


Tree 4 – Between Maleny Realty and Peace of Green
 Decorated by


Tree 5 – Cooke Park gate tree
        Decorated by


Tree 6 – Bus Shelter

  Decorated by


Tree 7 – Cabbage Trees on Teak and Maple St Corner – next to crossing



Decorated by



Tree 8 – Corner Teak and Maple Streets – outside Newsagents



Decorated by



Tree 9 – Cooke Park Entrance
  Decorated by


Tree 10 – Creek fence in RSL Park
  Decorated by


Tree 11 – MCU frontage
     Decorated by


Tree 12/13 – Outside Chemist at Crossing – Right and left
DSCF1881   DSCF1882  DSCF1880  Decorated by


Tree 14 – Outside CJ’s Pastries
 Decorated by


Tree 15 and 16 – Outside Piece of Green. Tree 15 on right, Tree 16 on left

DSCF1884Trees Decorated by

Tree 17  – Large tree outside Shotgun Tree 18
DSCF1885  Decorated by


Tree 18 – Small tree outside Shotgun


Tree 19  Between Bus Shelters
DSCF1886 Decorated by Knitfest


Tree 20 – Outside Maleny Lodge
DSCF1892      Decorated by


Tree 21 – Outside – Easton Lawyers
DSCF1896    Decorated by


Tree 22 – Outside Blessed Earth

Decorated by




Tree 23 – Outside David Lintons



Decorated by


Tree 24 – Outside Andrew Powell’s Office



Tree 25 – Outside – Ray White Realty
IMG_3483    Decorated by


Tree 26 – Next to Bus Stop close to corner Fig St
  Decorated by


Tree 27 – Cooke Park
IMG_3542  Decorated by


Yarnbombing 2023 Entry Form


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