Guest Speakers at Knitfest 2017

Inspiring Guest Speakers at this year’s Knitfest
We have 4 inspiring Guest Speakers this year. They will be at the Exhibition Hall (Spinning Central) from 12pm – 2pm on Sat 8th July. Make sure you stop in for at least one of the talks.

12pm – 12.30pm – My Weaving Compulsion – Jenny Jackett

Join Jenny Jacket on her weaving journey and the many places her weaving passion has taken her.


12.30pm – 1pm – The Revolution that is Get Squared – Jenny King
Jenny talks about how she got started with her new way of looking at Crochet and Knitting patterns and where her vision has led her.


1pm – 1.30pm – Living Your Juice with Pipa
Art therapies & arts /fibre modalities, their purpose and benefits and the use of second hand items such as vegetable bags, doilies, jewellery, sleeping bags, fishing nets & old tee shirts to create magnificent & quirky arts pieces & fibre sculptures.


1.30pm – 2pm – Busy Needles – Lindel Kielly
Lindel talks about the Knit for Charity group, Busy Needles. Feel inspired to get involved in the Maleny group, start your own group or join something close to where you live.

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