Calling all Yarnbombers


Yarnbombing 2023 – Join the fun this year

Our theme for this year is “Wild Women”

Open invitation to all Yarnbombers! Would you like to yarnbomb a tree at Knitfest this year?

Last year, many of you will know that we had 7 yrs of decorations stolen when we yarnbombed the Queen St Mall as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival. We haven’t yet recovered the decorations which means we don’t have enough to do the fantastic job we usually do in our main street of Maleny. In light of this fact, we decided to open the yarnbombing to the public so we’re calling all yarnbombers!

Our theme this year is “Wild Women” but you don’t have to keep to the theme. Just have fun with it.

Yarnbombing 2023 – Join the fun

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