Volunteer at Knitfest

Why not volunteer for Knitfest 2021?


Do you have any experience in helping at festivals and events? That’s ok if you don’t. We’ll train you.

We need all the help we can get to join our dedicated team of volunteers. We need men and women.

Some of the jobs we need help with:

Before the Festival

  • Knitters and Crocheters to create the pieces to sew together for the yarnbombing
  • Yarnbombing – People to sew the woven pieces onto the trees and posts. We need a team of crafty people to attach our knitted and crocheted yarnbomb pieces. This will take place before the festival opens. From Mon, June 21st – Fri, July 2nd and then again on Mon 5th – 9th July, to carefully take it down.
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Delivering and distributing posters, flyers etc
  • Building the display structures egLanterns, Plinths


During the Festival

  • Looking after the exhibitions and answering any questions from the patrons. We’ll tell you the answers so don’t worry.
  • Handing out our program guides. You can either sit at a table and hand them out at our Information Booths or you can wander the street handing them out and answering patrons questions eg: Where’s the best place to eat. Where are the toilets. What time is the Felting workshop and where is it held, etc
  • Helping with the workshop venues. Straightening it up afterwards so it’s ready for the next workshop.
  • Helping put up marquees, setting up the venues with tables and chairs etc
  • We’ll need runners to deliver messages and drop off supplies from one venue to the next.
  • Hosts/Hostesses to travel on the bus, helping people on and off the bus, talking about the decorations and points of interest.
  • Merchandise sales, Bookkeepers, cashiers. Our Merchandise shop needs staff who are used to busy retail stores.
  • Floor walkers – to fluff up the displays and replace stock that has sold and keep an eye on shoplifters.

So you can see we need a large team of helpers. You don’t always need qualifications but an eagerness to participate.

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